Weekly Medtime Planner® (Medium)

This weekly Ezy Dose Medtime Planner features a rounded base in each compartment for easy pill retrieval. See-through plastic makes it easy to see whether medication or vitamins have been taken. Each easy-to-open compartment is marked with the weekday and time of day. A prescription information label is included so you can remember to take the right dose at the right time.

SKU: 67455


  • Easy Use – Removable lids makes planner easy to fill and simple to clean
  • Daily 4-dose Reminders – 4 daily compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your more frequent doses
  • Large Compartments – Each compartment holds 30 aspirin tablets
  • Contoured Bottoms – Planner has contoured bottoms that make medication retrieval easy
  • Transparent Lids – Clear plastic lids let you easily see compartment contents
Pill Storage Features

4-Compartment Storage, Contour / Easy Retrieval, Transparent


4x per Day, Weekly