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Organize Your Pills and Vitamins

Ezy Dose makes medication management products for all ages. Many designed for those with arthritis or dexterity issues. Ezy Dose and Ezy Dose Kids products make living healthy easier with products like pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill pill organizers.

For Travel and At Home

For Travel and at Home — Ezy Dose products are the perfect addition to your luggage. Our pill organizers keep your daily vitamins together while you’re on the go or at home.

Achieve, Maintain and Promote Health

Medication Management for All Generations


From daily and weekly pill planners to travel-sized pill containers, Ezy Dose is integral to helping you manage your family’s health.


Ezy Dose Kids products help make managing your kids health simpler. Designed with kids in mind, our syringes and medicine droppers allow parents to give the proper dose every time.


Many Ezy Dose products are specifically made for those with dexterity challenges in mind. Our easy open pill organizers make taking your daily vitamins quick and easy.

A full line of products for


From pill cutters, pill crushers and a full line of easy-fill products, to calibrated medicine spoons, portable pill containers and droppers, Ezy Dose products make living healthier simply easier.