2-Week Locking Pill Planner (2XL)

This 2-week Ezy Dose Pill Planner features an optional locking bar that can prevent spills and accidental opening. Each compartment is marked with the weekday and has a rounded base for easy pill retrieval.

SKU: 67824


  • Easy Use – Rounded bottoms make medication easy to retrieve
  • Locking Lids – Lid locking mechinism keeps your medication safe, secure and prevents spilling for secure transport
  • Bold Labeling – Compartments are clearly labeled and have contoured bottoms for easy medication retrieval
  • Storage Capacity – Each compartment holds 60 aspirin tablets
  • Built to Last – Ezy Dose pill planners ahave a high quality design that is made for repeated use
Pill Storage Features

Contour / Easy Retrieval, Locking, Transparent


14-Day / 2-Week