Soft-Touch 3-Compartment Pill Planner (2XL)

This Ezy Dose Pill Container features unique soft-touch buttons that easily open each of the three compartments. Perfect for travel or home use. Lids snap shut to keep pills, vitamins or other small items secure.

SKU: 67161


  • Easy to Use – Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open the compartments
  • Contoured Compartments – Contoured bottoms for easy removal with fingertips
  • Snap-Shut Lid – The planner has a snap-shut design that resists accidental opening even when dropped
  • Spacious Storage – Double-XL compartments hold up to 60 aspirin tablets and are great for multiple larger medications and/or vitamins
  • Three-Dose Planning – Planner has three seperate compartments for planning doses throughout the day
  • Built to Last – Ezy Dose pill planners have a high quality construction and are built to last
  • Assorted Colors – Container comes in bright, assorted colors (orange, green and blue)
Pill Storage Features

3-Compartment Storage, Contour / Easy Retrieval