Weekly Push-Button Medtime Planner® (XL)

This weekly Ezy Dose Medtime Planner has large push buttons that easily pop open each compartment. Rubberized “feet” allow the planner to grip a counter for one-handed opening. Push buttons are excellent for those with dexterity or hand sensitivity issues. Each compartment has a rounded base for easy pill or vitamin retrieval.

SKU: 67853/67583


  • Easy Use – Push buttons make the planner simple to open, contoured bottoms make medication easy to retrieve, and non-skid feet keep the planner in place
  • Daily 4-Dose Reminders – 4 daily compartmens help you to easily plan and distribute your more frequent doses
  • Clear Lids – The Planner’s Clear Lids allow for easy visability of medication to help prevent missed doses
  • Large Compartments – XL compartments hold up to 30 aspirin tablets and are great for multiple larger medications and/or vitamins that need to be taken up to four-times-a-day
  • Easy to open push-button lids for those with arthritis or dexterity issues
Pill Storage Features

4-Compartment Storage, Arthritis Foundation® Endorsement, Contour / Easy Retrieval, Push Button, Soft-Touch Buttons, Transparent


4x per Day, Weekly