Ezy Crush Pill Crusher (Small)

Pill Crusher with easy-grip handle and storage
This Pill Crusher features an ergonomic design to easily crush pills using leverage for more crushing power with less effort. Perfect for those with dexterity issues or weakness in the hands. It has a built-in storage compartment and a clear bottom to view pill being crushed.
Size: Small

SKU: 68259


  • Easily Crushes Medication – Crushes all tablets and pills
  • Clear Base – Easily see the pill(s) being crushed
  • Pill Storage Compartment – Built in pill storage compartment can hold 4 pills
  • Ergonomic Grip – Designed for easy grip and use; great for individuals with dexterity issues
  • Built to Last – This pill crusher is easy to clean and has a high quality design that is made for repeated use
  • Assorted colors