Pill Cutter with Dispenser

Dispenses pill half
This Pill Cutter features a dispensing tray that captures pill half for easy retrieval while an interior holding tray keeps the other pill half safe for later use. The sharp stainless steel blade makes a clean cut every time while the flexible v-shaped holder keeps pills in place.

SKU: 67755


  • Compact Design – Allows for discrete storage and easy transporation
  • Secure Design – Soft arms hold pill securely in place for cutting
  • Stainless Steel Blade – Steel blade is durable and easily spilts pills and tablets
  • Simple Cutting Action – Designed to cut and split medication effortlessly with little pressure applied by the user
  • Safety Shield – Protective shield keeps you safe with pill or tablet is being split
Cutter & Crusher Features

Compact, Safety Shield® Finger Guard