Pill Cutter with Safety Shield®

Safety Shield® with magnifier
This Pill Cutter features the unique Safety Shield® which, when the cutter is opened, completely covers the blade protecting fingers from the danger of cutting. The sharp stainless steel blade makes a clean cut every time and the magnifier magnifies a pill to two times its regular size.

SKU: 67661


  • Built-in Magnifier – Pill cutter has a built in magnifier that helps you align your pill or tablet and then watch as it is split
  • Patented Safety Shield® – Completely covers the cutting blade when medication is being split
  • Adjustable Slider – Adjustable slider stabilizes that pill while it is cut ensure a clean and even cut for your medication
  • Heavy-duty Blade – Heavy duty stainless steal blade cuts easy through tablets and medication and keeps an edge after extended use
Cutter & Crusher Features

Safety Shield® Finger Guard