Monthly Pill Planner

This monthly Ezy Dose Pill Planner features compartments marked with days 1-31 and an extra compartment for an additional dose. This makes it easy to count down the remaining days of your monthly medication and correspond each dose with a particular day.

SKU: 67772


  • Monthly Planning – Planner has 31 compartments so that you can schedule your medication for the entire month
  • Large Capacity – Each compartment can hold 24 aspirin-sized tablets and has plenty of room for your daily medications
  • Semi-Transparent Body – The planner has a transparent body to keep medication visible and to help prevent missed doses
  • Extra Storage Compartment – Monthly medicine planner has an extra storage compartment for medication that is used as needed such as allergy medication
  • Built to Last – Ezy Dose planners have a high-quality design that is made for repeated use
Pill Storage Features

4-Compartment Storage, Extra Storage, Transparent