Weekly Medtime Planner® with Push Button Pop-outs (Medium)

Our Push-Button One-Day-At-A-Time Pill Planner makes it possible to organize daily medications and take them with you for the day. A push-button on the bottom of each day easily releases the 4-compartments.

  • Each compartment holds 11 aspirin tablets
  • See-through design provides an easy view of medication
  • Contoured bottom for easy pill removal
  • Each compartment has Braille indications on the lid
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  • Easy to Use – The planner’s push buttons and rounded bottoms make the planner easy to open and medicine easy to retrievemaking it ideal for those with arthritis or dexterity issues
  • Storage Capacity – Each compartment holds 11 tablets
  • Reminders – Daily pill reminders in each column fit snugly in its own slot and pushes out from below
  • Pop-out Compartments – Planner compartments easily pop out and can be taken on the go
  • Semi-transparent Body – See-through design lets you see each compartment without opening and helps prevent missed doses
  • Clearly Labeled Compartments – Printed with the day of the week and the time of the day on each compartment
  • Daily Planning – Planner has 4 separate compartments for each day (morning, noon, evening, night)
  • Separate Lids – Each compartment open separately to avoid spilling
Pill Storage Features

4-Compartment Storage, Contour / Easy Retrieval, Pop-Out Containers, Push Button, Soft-Touch Buttons, Transparent


4x per Day, Weekly


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