Weekly AM/PM Travel Pill Planner (Small)

Pop-out design lets you organize your medication for the week, then pop out just one day’s pills to carry with you.

  • Lids opens separately to prevent spills
  • Each compartment holds 8 aspirin tablets
  • See-through design lets you easily view contents
  • Contoured bottom for easy removal
SKU: 67054


  • Compact Design – Daily pop-out compartments allow for discrete storage and easy transporation, perfect for traveling
  • AM/PM Compartments- Day and night compartments help you to easily plan and distribute your daily doses, and open seprately to help prevent spills
  • Clear Lids – Clear lids allow for easy visability of medication to help prevent missed doses
  • Storage Capacity – Each compartment holds 8 aspirin tablets
  • Contoured Compartments – Compartments are contoured for easy medication retrieval
Pill Storage Features

Contour / Easy Retrieval, Portable / Compact, Transparent


AM/PM, Weekly


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