Weekly Contoured Patterned Pill Planner (Large)

This weekly Ezy Dose Pill Planner features a rounded base in each compartment for easy pill retrieval. See-through plastic makes it easy to see whether medication or vitamins have been taken. Each easy-to-open compartment is marked with the weekday.

SKU: 67953


  • Easy to Open – Planner lids pop on and off with minimal effort
  • Contoured Bottoms – The planner’s compartments have contoured bottoms to make medication retrieval easy
  • Large Storage – The planner can hold 120 Aspirin
  • Clear Lids – The pill planner has transparent lids to keep medication visable and to help prevent missed doses
  • Patterned Design – available in aesthetic, stylish designs
Pill Storage Features

Contour / Easy Retrieval, Locking, Transparent