Weekly Easy Fill Pill Planner (XL)

This weekly Ezy Dose Pill Planner features a hinged bottom to easily fill all the compartments with pills or vitamins for an entire week. Each easy-to-open compartment is marked with the weekday and has a rounded base for easy pill retrieval.

SKU: 67704


  • Transparent Lids – Keep all medication visible to help prevent missed doses
  • Rounded Scoop Bottoms – Rounded compartment bottoms for easy medication retrieval
  • Fully Opening Bottom Tray – Fully opening bottom tray makes refilling the planner simple
  • Spacious Storage – Each compartment of the planner can hold up to 30 Aspirin
  • Organize medications or vitamins for an entire week
Pill Storage Features

Contour / Easy Retrieval, Easy-Fill, Transparent




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