Weekly Pill Reminder with Vitamin Storage

This weekly Ezy Dose Pill Planner features four extra-large vitamin compartments making it easy to store and carry all your pills and vitamins in one compact container. Included are preprinted and blank compartment labels for custom labeling. Each easy-to-open compartment is marked with the weekday and has a rounded base for easy pill retrieval.

SKU: 67694


  • Extra Storage Compartments – Planner has extra storage for medication and vitaments for as needed use
  • Contoured Compartments – Contoured bottoms for easy removal with fingertips
  • Semi-Transparent Plastic – Clear planner lids help keep medication visable to prevent missed doses and protected from harmful UV rays
  • Easy to Open – Planner lids are easy to open and snap shut firmly to help prevent spilling
Pill Storage Features

Contour / Easy Retrieval, Extra Storage, Transparent