Weekly Push Button Pill Planner (XL)

This weekly Ezy Dose Pill Planner has large push buttons that easily pop open each compartment. Rubberized “feet” allow the planner to grip a counter for one-handed opening. Push buttons are excellent for those with dexterity or hand sensitivity issues. Each compartment has a rounded base for easy pill or vitamin retrieval.

SKU: 67571


  • Easy to Use – Larger push buttons soften the effort needed to open compartments and rounded bottoms make medicine easy to retrieve. Great for individuals who struggle with dexterity
  • Clear Lid – Keeps medication visible to help prevent missed doses
  • Non-Slip Base – Four silicone “feet” secure the planner to the counter for one-handed opening
  • Large Storage – XL compartments hold up to 30 aspirin tablets and are great for multiple larger medications and/or vitamins
  • Quality Design – High grade plastic and Durable Design gives this planner extended use
  • Prominent Labels – Bold, large capitalized lettering for easier compartment identification
  • Easy to open push-button lids for those with arthritis or dexterity issues
Pill Storage Features

Arthritis Foundation® Endorsement, Contour / Easy Retrieval, Push Button, Soft-Touch Buttons, Transparent